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The Georgia Health Network (GHN) encourages access to high-quality, community-centered, evidence-based, affordable healthcare and wellness solutions for all. GHN removes barriers to high-quality healthcare by building connections between community providers that enhance health and wellbeing through a holistic approach to individual and community wellness.

GHN’s goal is to provide data-driven, people-centered solutions to healthcare providers in engaged communities.

Building on decades of experience in Georgia`s health insurance industry, GHN utilizes next-generation technology to identify and implement innovative solutions for community healthcare providers.

Through an engaged emphasis on wellness and prevention, an evidence-based approach to treatment and effective self-management of chronic disease, GHN lowers the quantity and cost of individual patient encounters while improving health and empowering its partners.

GHN generates cost savings for providers through a comprehensive enterprise integration and benefits administration program that allows for effective person-centered services and provides for the long-term health and wellness of the provider organization and its employees.

GHN, established in 2013, now collaborates with providers and employers in six communities in South East Georgia.

By improving the efficacy of each patient encounter, GHN lowers healthcare costs and empowers providers and consumers to make smarter choices that improve the quality of life for all Georgians.


Benefits to the Local Community:

checkboxRetain current physicians.
checkboxAttract new physicians to community.
checkboxExpand services available from local providers.
checkboxMaintain current employer base.
checkboxIncrease interest from the prospective employers.
checkboxEnhance quality of living for citizens.
checkboxEnhance local economy by driving more revenue to local providers and getting employees back to work faster.


Benefits to the Local Employers:

checkboxMarket-competitive pricing for local healthcare services.
checkboxAggressive pricing for tertiary services rendered at partner facilities.
checkboxCommunity benchmarking of health costs vs. Georgia and national averages.
checkboxIncreased local access to services for employees.
checkboxEnhanced benefits for employees.
checkboxPredictable plan-level healthcare costs year over year.


Benefits to Local Healthcare Providers:

checkboxSteerage Value for discounts offered to plans.
checkboxSome control over local provider panel offered in the network not available with national plans.
checkboxInput/Approval on Benefit Plan design; potentially lower patient liability in plan design.
checkboxCommunity benchmarking of the quality and cost structure for employers to establish long term cost effectiveness for dealing with other insurance carriers.
checkboxSimplification of administration.

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